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Mount Lawley Wellness on Beaufort offers a 3-tier program, guiding clients through Initial, Rehabilitative and wellness phases. Although, these may be offered as a complete Wellness Package, it is also offered as an “as you go basis” allowing you to experience as little or as much change as you desire. Once our clients achieve results they may decide to receive care occasionally to maintain those changes, however most people are so impressed by other changes occurring in their lives during the first program they are excited to explore the possibilities of total wellbeing.


Mount Lawley Wellness on Beaufort’s programs are designed to improve your perception of wellness in all areas, and as a result provide you with a more enriched life experience. Not just focusing on remedying the past, this work develops new, more sustainable strategies for a fulfilling future.


Each phase of care is inclusive of, and additive to the previous level, and is approached in sequence. Each has it’s own specific goals and outcome measures.


The process of care is all about you, so all of the assessments and re evaluations are based on your perception of how well you are doing, the changes occurring in your life, and what it all means for you.

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