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Pre / Post Natal Training

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Love Your Bump, Keep Active and Enjoy your pregnancy


Mount Lawley Wellness on Beaufort welcomes all mums and their growing baby bumps to attend our Pre / Post Natal Exercise Classes.  


All our sessions are held in a  Private Studio as we cater for all stages of pregnancy and all levels of fitness. It is our philosophy that Pre/Post Natal Training is about caring for the mother's skeletal system, keeping our muscles / body active and strengthening our pelvic floor (Kegel) muscles to ensure pelvic stabilisation.


  • It's about preparing your body for the birth of your baby and the changes it goes through.


  • Looking after your body and being able to stay mobile throughout all stages of your pregnancy.


  • To be able to get up/down off the floor, roll over in bed and being able to put your own shoes on.


  • To have the energy to take on each day and to not only listen to your body but understand /accept

        the changes you are going through. 


  • To assist in keeping your bodies strong for the wonderful day your baby is born.


You will meet a lovely group of woman who are going through the same journey as you are, whether you are a first time mum or onto your second, third or fourth. Every pregnancy is different and having a support network is a wonderful thing to share and get involved in.


Pre / Post Natal Class Timetable

Monday & Wednesday @ 10am

$25 per person, per class (45min)

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